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Dura-Bonker Build Your Own

  • Build Your Own Trifecta: Custom Solid Colors

    Dura-Bonker Trifectas are easier on your budget but just as visual to passing customers. Dura-Bonker balloons are weather-proof and require no helium.  Kit includes: 48” pole, three 41” stems, 3 Dura-Bonker balloons and ground...

  • Build Your Own Quintet

    Build your own Dura-Bonker Quintet with your choice of 5 solid color dura-bonkers.   Bundle includes: A 9' black pole 5 stems/cups to hold balloons Ground Stake  ITEM#: DBQ10 Don't forget to add a pump

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  • Ground stake for Dura-Bonker Quintet or Trifecta

    Replacement metal ground stake for the Dura-Bonker Quintets and Trifectas.  Caution when hammering this stake in ground where under gound electric lines are present. This stake will not work with the Single Dura-Bonker kit (see DBSSTAKE)...

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  • Fast Flow Air Inflator

    Inflates Dura-Bonker Balloons in 30 SECONDS each!  High Volume, high velocity air flow.  Easy toggle switch operation. Extended flex hose, and easy to use tip.  You will pat yourself on the back many times for buying this deluxe...

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  • Optional Base for Quintet Kit

    Portable Weighted Base For Quintet Dura- Bonkers when displaying indoors or on pavement 2-Piece Base ITEM #: DBQBASE Fill with sand (not included) (Quintet shown  is not included)

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  • Stem for Dura-Bonker Kits

    40.5" Black Stem that attaches to the Aluminum Pole (not included) and holds the plastic cup at top (not included).  Fits Dura-Bonker  Quintet and Trifecta Poles.   ITEM#:DBQSTEM

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  • Optional Base for Trifecta Kit

    Fill with sand (or kitty litter) or water to bring your Trifecta Dura-Bonkers indoors or to place on pavement outside.  Easy carry handle. For use with Trifecta Clusters only.   ITEM#: DBTBASE

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  • Mega Ground Plate w/spikes

    Our BEST ground plate for locations that are sloped. Provides excellent stability from leaning and listing.  Highly recommended for Quintets, or Trifectas, that will be displayed on non-flat terrain.(grass, soil)  (blue spike not...

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  • Double Action Premium Hand Pump

    Save your breath! Double-Action Manual Hand Pump allows you to fill up  Dura Bonker Jr. Indoor/Outdoor Bouquets twice as fast. This pump comes with needle-style, needed for the Dura Bonker Jr.    But also has tapered tip for...

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