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Dura-Bonker Bundles

  • Dura-Bonker Savings Bundle: Paradise-ITEM#: PAR22

    ITEM#: PAR22 Bundle-up and Save Over $50  Bundle includes: 1 Paradise Dura-Bonker Quintet- DURA BONKER COLORS: 2x Lime Green, 2x Pink, 1x Yellow 3 Paradise 18" x 24" Signs: (1x "Welcome Home", 1x "Now Leasing", 1x "Leasing Office") 3...

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  • Dura-Bonker Singles Bundle-Wonderland- ITEM#: WW30

    ITEM#: WW30 Bundle-up and Save Over $56  Bundle includes: 2 Dura-Bonker Message Single Kits - DBSNF (As Pictured) 3 Winter Wonderland 18" x 24" Signs: (1x "Welcome Home", 1x "Now Leasing", 1x "You'll Love it Here") 3 Heavy-duty Step...

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  • Dura-Bonker Savings Bundle: Bloom- ITEM#: BL70

    ITEM#: BL70 Bundle-up and Save Over $50  Bundle includes: 1 Bloom Dura-Bonker Quintet - DURA BONKER COLORS: 2x Light Blue, 2x Yellow, 1x Red  3 Bloom 18" x 24" Signs: (1x "We Love Our Residents", 1x "Now Leasing", 1x "Leasing...

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  • Fast Flow Air Inflator - ITEM#: FFI

    ITEM#: FFI Inflates Dura-Bonker Balloons in 30 SECONDS each!  High Volume, high velocity air flow.  Easy toggle switch operation. Extended flex hose, and easy to use tip.  You will pat yourself on the back many times for buying...

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  • Mega Ground Plate w/spikes- ITEM#: MGP

    ITEM#: MGP Our BEST ground plate for locations that are sloped. Provides excellent stability from leaning and listing.  Highly recommended for Quintets, or Trifectas, that will be displayed on non-flat terrain.(grass, soil)  (blue spike...

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  • Double Action Premium Hand Pump- ITEM#:DHP

    ITEM#:DHP Save your breath! Double-Action Manual Hand Pump allows you to fill up  Dura Bonker Jr. Indoor/Outdoor Bouquets twice as fast. This pump comes with needle-style, needed for the Dura Bonker Jr.    But also has...

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