Credit Policy

**********IMPORTANT NOTICE*********

The fastest way to receive your order is to use a credit card, or PayPal, and pay online today.

If you select Net 30 terms, please call our customer service department. They will ask you to provide the name, email and phone number of your accounts payable department. Even though you may be the person who approves payment of invoices for products you order, our Credit Policy requires us to obtain the contact information for your accounts payable department. Please have that information available when you call, so that your order can be released.

You may wish to pay with a  credit card to speed up this order today and then call us to set-up Net 30 terms for future orders.

IF YOUR PROPERTY USES a 3rd Party Payment/Compliance Processor:

We DO NOT pay fees for registering, enrolling, signing-up, etc., with any 3rd Party payment or document processors such as Ops technology, Avid Pay, Compliance Depot, Net Vendor, Vendor Cafe, etc. 

It is the responsibility, and cost, of the Customer and/or Property Management Company, to add Welcome Home America to their 3rd party processor/compliance vendor and pay for any enrolling costs. By selecting Net 30 terms you agree to the WHA Credit Policy.

Welcome Home America (WHA) will not pay any registration, enrollment, uploading, or onboarding fees, with any 3rd party payment/compliance processor.

It is the responsibility of the Customer to notify WHA by email when set-up with the specific 3rd party payment processor has been 100% completed and to provide the instructions for submitting invoices for payment.

The invoice for your order is due at 30 days from invoice date, regardless of whether you have enrolled Welcome Home America with your 3rd party payment or credentials processor.  The responsibility for payment of the invoice within Net 30 terms remains with the Customer. 

You can download a copy of our Certificate of Insurance from the home page. However, we DO NOT issue a Certificate of Insurance naming any property as an additional insured, as we DO NOT perform any work on your site. All products are shipped via FEDEX and never with our company vehicles or staff. 


If your company requires Welcome Home America to enroll in Compliance Depot, for you to process and pay invoices, please review our policy and procedure, below. 

We have an account with Compliance Depot--- Account #889496, Account Name: ZW USA INC, dba/ Welcome Home America. 

You will need to contact Compliance Depot, or log on to your Compliance Depot account, and link your account to ours. At the same time, you must request an EXEMPTION for the fee that Compliance Depot would normally charge a vendor for the link-up. 

We DO NOT and CANNOT pay the enrollment/link fee under any circumstances. No exceptions. 

You must request a fee EXEMPTION from Compliance Depot when you link to our vendor account #889496. 

If you are unable to request an EXEMPTION from the Compliance Depot fee and if you cannot pay invoices unless linked to our Compliance Depot account, then please DO NOT choose Net 15 Terms. Instead, pay by credit card or PayPal.

If you have any questions, please contact us. 

By selecting Net 30 terms you agree to the above WHA Credit Policy. No exceptions.

We accept VISA/MC American Express, Discover and PayPal. It's always easier and faster to pay with a credit card.

IF YOUR PROPERTY PAYS invoices directly without a 3rd party processor: 

If your property pays invoices directly, and not via a 3rd party payment or document processor, and no sign up or enrollment fees are required by Welcome Home America, then you can choose the Net 30 option and your order will ship today. We will email a copy of the invoice to the email provided when you order. It is the responsibility of that email recipient to forward the invoice to your accounts payable department for payment within terms. 

You can download our W9 & Certificate of Insurance from the home page tab to send with the invoice to your accounts payable department. 

By selecting Net 30 terms, you agree to the WHA Credit Policy. There are no verbal or written exceptions to this policy.

We accept VISA/MC American Express, Discover and PayPal. It's always easier, and faster, to pay with a credit card.   paypal-credit-card-logo-png-4 | Acupressure | Ancient Healing Art

Thank you.